SPIN/BEAR Contact Search Results- Reference Area

SPIN and BEAR Contact Search

In this section, you can search for the correct person to contact at your service provider.

Note to Applicants: It is important to confirm this SPIN information with your service provider. SLD is providing this search function to help you find the right person at your service provider.

Search for a SPIN and BEAR Contact by entering
the Service Provider's Name or SPIN
and click Next

Enter the Service Provider's full legal name. If you don't know
the full legal name, you can do a "wildcard" search using part
of the name and ending with %.

When doing a wildcard search, enter as many characters
as possible (at least 3) prior to the %. Remember, you must click NEXT
in order to start the search.



Enter the Service Provider's full SPIN.


Show how many results per page (Default:10, Max:99)?

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