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Task Force on the Prevention of Waste, Fraud and Abuse

The Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) has created a Task Force on the Prevention of Waste, Fraud and Abuse. This Task Force will identify areas where improvements can be made in the support mechanism and in outreach and training and will recommend specific actions to combat potential waste, fraud and abuse by both service providers and applicants.

The Task Force is composed of 14 members of the applicant and service provider communities. The members include representatives from public and nonpublic elementary and secondary schools, libraries, state telecommunications networks, and providers of service in all three categories of services eligible under the support mechanism — Telecommunications Services, Internet Access, and Internal Connections.

Members of the Task Force will meet to review every aspect of the E-rate program where waste, fraud and abuse can occur — including the application process, application review and funding commitment, and invoicing. They will also review publicly available documents to determine what changes could be made to help prevent waste, fraud and abuse.

The Task Force will produce a final report to USAC in early summer summarizing its recommendations.

Content Last Modified: September 5, 2003